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1. How long is the duration of ESO Program?
This ESO program is for a fixed six (6) and twelve (12) months period.
2. Is ESO Program available for counter/offline sign up?
No. ESO Program is applicable for ONLINE Purchase only.
3. Who is eligible to apply for ESO Program?
ESO Program is applicable for Exisiting distributors in Malaysia ONLY.
4. Is ESO Program entitled to 5% Mobile Stockist Fee?
ESO Program (min total BV purchase) is NOT applicable for 5% Mobile Stockist Fee.
5. Can I change the product entitlement to cash?
No. Product entitlement(s) CANNOT be exchanged for cash.
6. How does it work?
  1. Login to and choose E-Standing Order (ESO).
  2. Select your desired packages.
  3. Your ordered products will be delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis.
7. What is the payment mode for this Program?
Payment must be made via Credit Card with minimum of ONE (1) year validity.
8. If I signed up for 12 Months ESO Program, will it log the full amount and affect my credit card limit?

Recurring payments will be applied for the ESO program. A recurring payment is a payment that collect the total charges from your credit card every month. This amount will only be deducted on the due date of every billing cycle and hence it will not affect your overall credit card limit.
(Eg. If you purchased the Detoxification Package (RM414.55 per set) for 12 months, the payment of RM414.55 will only be deducted on a monthly basis from your credit card.).

9. Is there any cut-off date for the processing of ESO order?

The cut-off date for processing ESO transaction is on 25th of every month and any order received after 25th will be processed on 1st day of next month including payment & posting of transaction.

10. Can I change the product package after 2 months?

No amendment on Product Package will be allowed during the duration of the ESO program.

11. When can customer receive the goods if the ESO order made on 16th January?

Company will arrange for delivery of goods the next working day once the payment is successful.

12. When can customer receive the goods if the ESO order made on 26th January (after cut of date of 25th )?

Company will only arrange the delivery of goods on 1st working day of the following month once the payment is successful.
(Payment & posting will only be done on 1st day of the following month)

13. Can i cancel my ESO program before the end of the program?
  1. Any early termination by distributor need to inform PHHP in writing with not less than ONE (01) month notice before the next delivery date.
  2. There will be a TEN (10%) administration charges for early termination.
  3. Online cancellation via Email/Social Media Platform will not be entertained.

14. How long will i receive my parcel?

Distributor will receive the parcel within the following time frame.

  1. West Malaysia : Within 6 working days
  2. East Malaysia : Within 10 working days

15. My birthday is in MAY , can i purchase the birthday packages in other month?

No. The birthday package is exclusively for our ESO Privilege Club members to purchase on their birthday month only .

16. How does this ESO service benefits me?
  1. 1 click, 6 months and 12 months service.
  2. More time for core business
  3. Inventory Control
  4. Time Saving
  5. 24 Hours Service
  6. Automatic Home Delivery
  7. Convenient
  8. Reliable