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Izumi Cleansing Solution Plus

izumi cleansing solution

Izumi Cleansing Solution Plus thoroughly removes stubborn dirt and make-up from the face and increases the moisturizing effect, helping you achieve crystal clear skin effortlessly. Gently massage over your face and rinse off with water. You will feel instantly refreshed without any greasy feel! Blackheads and acne will also be reduced!



First layer Oil-based Protective layer: derived from oil-based protective layer of deep-sea squalene, it can deeply cleanse and protect skin. The oil-based moisturizing agent also serves to increase the hydration effects, makes application easier and reduces sensitivity level. It contains Vitamin E aids to increase skin immunity.

Second layer Emulsion layer: the highly safe emulsifying agent can melt cosmetics and grime easily, and reduces the formation of whiteheads.

Third layer Water-based hydration layer: contains the essences of seaweed extracts which have moisturizing properties that can boost skin's resistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do we need to use make-up remover?

    We all know that environmental pollution is worsening. Make-up removal is therefore a very important step of our basic skincare regimen as sebum secreted by sebaceous glands causes dirt and dust we come into contact with to be trapped on the surface of our skin. Izumi Cleansing Solution Plus can be used to remove oil soluble impurities like make-up, thus relieving dull skin, retaining moisture and cleaning the skin thoroughly.

  2. What should a user of Izumi Cleansing Solution Plus take note of?

    Before using Izumi Cleansing Solution Plus, shake until all three layers are well mixed. Use facial cleansing sponge or cotton for best cleansing results.


Directions for Use

For deep cleansing and night use.

Ensure both hands, face and neck areas are completely dry. Shake well to mix the three layers thoroughly. Dispense 2-5 drops of Cleansing Solution Plus onto palms and gently massage over face and neck until grime and makeup melts. Use wet cotton to remove grime and makeup before rinsing off with water. Followed by Izumi Rich Cleansing Foam to achieve double-cleansing effects.