Izumi Spring Toner

izumi spring toner

A gift from Mother Nature, Izumi Spring Toner got its name from Japan’s well-known hot spring, Yumura Onsen. Its precious hydrating ingredients derived from the nature are capable of balancing skin pH, leaving you instantly refreshed and your skin softer, smoother and more beautiful!



Yumura spring water – rich in minerals which can smoothen skin and boost the growth rate of skin capillaries by 20%. This is the route through which skin gets its nutrients and it is also a healthy way to counter ageing.

Plant extracts – comprise of burdock, sage, calendula and mulberry extracts, all of which have hydrating, calming and anti-oxidation effects.


Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Why do we need to use Izumi Spring Toner?

    The functions of toners include re-cleansing of the skin to restore the pH balance of skin’s surface and condition the basal layer to enhance skin’s nutrients absorption ability.  Hence, using a toner after facial cleansing will replenish moisture instantly as skin is very sensitive at this point where the water level of the basal layer is below 10%.  Dry and sensitive skin users should more of the product each time, as well as increase the frequency of use.

  2. How to use Izumi Spring Toner?

    Use after day and night cleansing routine. Suitable for all skin types.
    Apply product on wet cotton pads and gently rub onto face in an outward direction, after which, spray evenly over face and lightly press till product is fully absorbed by skin.
    Cotton pad: application with a cotton pad can remove remnants of cleansing product as well as dust and grime which were not removed properly.
    Both hands: wash hands thoroughly then gently pat on toner. This will make the temperature of the icy cool toner closer to skin temperature to aid absorption and for the toner to achieve better results.